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5 Reasons Military Service Members Make Great Tenants Blog Post

5 Reasons Why Military Service Members Make Great Tenants

San Diego has long been known as being a military town with a strong Navy and Marine presence.  There are numerous military bases located in the County with active service members needing off base housing. Military tenants offer a great pool of qualified tenants for rental property owners.

San Diego Premier Property Management strongly supports our military by employing military spouses and contributing to military causes when possible.

Recently our office participated in the Adopt a Sailor program.

Adopt A Sailor Video- Watch Here

Our office was excited to receive these great pictures from our brave US Navy Service members aboard the USS Nimitz after receiving our care package.

5-Reasons-Why-Military-Service-Members-Make-Great-Tenants, Adopt-Sailor, San-Diego-Premier-Property-Management

US Navy Members Receiving Care Package

5-Reasons-Why-Military-Service-Members-Make-Great-Tenants, Adopt-Sailor2, San-Diego-Premier-Property-Management






Renting to Military Tenants

Rental property owners are often unclear on the laws protecting active military tenants who sign lease agreements.

Their are misconceptions regarding how to handle military tenants that receive official notice for deployment or relocation.

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Our continued support of the military over the course of 14 years has allowed us to experience first hand the benefits of renting to active military service members.

In support of our military service members we’d like to offer these 5 reasons why military service members make great tenants.

5 Reasons Why Military Service Members Make Great Tenants

1) Pay Rent on Time – Punctuality is extremely important in the military, it’s taught, practiced and reinforced on a daily basis.  When it comes time to pay the rent, you can rest assure that fine trait that has been ingrained in our military service members will carry over and result in timely rent payments. 

2) Steady Income – Income is guaranteed and scheduled monthly by the US Government. Supplemental housing allowances BAH can be set up as a renal allotment and barring any government shutdowns the income source is steady.

3) Neat & Clean– Military service members are usually very organized, neat and clean.  Often they have minimal furnishings and due to demanding schedules are seldom home meaning less wear and tear on your property.

4) Rules– The military structure is based on being obedient and following rules and orders is essential. Services members tend to follow lease agreement terms and HOA rules and regulations.

5) Pride– Military service members tend to take pride in their communities. They respect others, respect the property and have limited noise complaints, excessive partying or disturbance issues.



We hope you enjoyed reading the 5 Reasons Why Military Members Make Great Tenants

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Written by Salvatore Friscia, owner of San Diego Premier Property Management a full service residential property management company offering Worry Free property management to the greater San Diego area since 2004 and


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