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Salvatore Friscia Door Grow Interview

Property Management Expert

Talks Social Media Marketing & Snapchat


Fun & Informative interview with Salvatore Friscia Owner/Managing Broker of San Diego Premier Property Management & TenantFinder by Jason Hull of Doorgrow.


Learn how he’s using Snapchat to market rental properties, build clientele, and network with other real estate brokers and agents for referrals and brand awareness.


And to make it fun, you’ll also learn 5 things in this interview you won’t hear anywhere else!


  1. Who’s the first Property Management Company in San Diego to use SnapChat?
  2. Is Snapchat only for Sexting?
  3. Why we’re not your “Father’s Property Management Company”.
  4. How we are taking on the Kardashians for Reality TV stardom.
  5. What social media platform has the best engagement?



To follow Salvatore Friscia on Snapchat as he journeys around Sunny San Diego sharing real estate tips and advice just add him using the Snapcode below, simply snap and use the add friends by Snapcode feature. Voila!



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Written by Salvatore Friscia – Salvatore Friscia is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Residential Property Management Expert, Owner & Managing Broker of San Diego Premier Property Management & Tenant Finder



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