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#RentTime 002-San Diego Rental Market Perception vs. Reality



Welcome back to our second Episode of #RentTime!


If you subscribe to our email newsletter then you know that Elizabeth & I made a commitment to not only provide more video content but to step up our game and have fun providing value on Facebook Live.


#RentTime is a Facebook Live uncut and raw conversational real estate & property management discussion with Salvatore Friscia & Elizabeth Friscia owners of San Diego Premier Property Management.


In this episode we will be briefly discussing the following subjects:

  1. San Diego Rental Market-Perception vs. Reality
  2. Beware of the Spring Fling


Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook Page, let us know if this was helpful for you and if you have other questions or subjects you’d like to see us cover in our new series of #RentTime.


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Written by Salvatore Friscia, owner of San Diego Premier Property Management a full service residential property management company offering Worry Free property management to the greater San Diego area since 2004 and

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