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5 Signs You Need A New Property Manager Blog Post

5 Signs You Need A New Property Manager


If you’re contemplating changing your property manager, chances are you have a pretty good reason.  The following 5 signs you need a new property manager are compiled from everyday conversations with rental owners refusing to settle for average property management.


No Communication


The truth is that most property managers only contact their clients when they need money: money for repairs, or money for turnovers.

So when rental owners don’t hear from their property manager, it’s not always a bad thing.

The problem occurs when some property managers are too quiet, they don’t communicate at all with their clients.  Once the property management agreement is signed, they tend to disappear.

They don’t return calls or emails, no email newsletters, and no quarterly updates.  Truth be told, if they’re not communicating with owners, they’re most likely not communicating with tenants, nor are they managing the rental property accordingly.


No Monthly Reports


Transparency is key.  All rental proceeds should be accompanied by a monthly report.



Some companies issue written reports (old school) and most have an online portal where owners can review their monthly reports and/or download them if they choose.

An owner should never have to ask for a basic monthly accounting of their property.

Receiving a monthly report or having access to one is considered industry standard and if you have to ask for a basic accounting of your rental property, then you may need a new property manager.


Consistently Bad Tenants


Finding a tenant can be fairy easy, but finding a “Qualified Tenant” may be a little more challenging.

Property managers that have limited or relaxed tenant qualification procedures will inevitably place tenants that are more problematic then others.


🚫Not Qualifying all Applicants over 18


🚫Not Verifying Income Sources


🚫Not Verifying Previous Rental History


🚫Not Taking Into Consideration FICO scores


When procedures are relaxed, tenants that tend to pay rent late, pay rent short or in the worst case scenario don’t pay at all fall through the cracks.

Lease agreements are breached and properties are damaged from the lack of due diligence.

Owners are left with non performing assets and expensive repairs to return the property to rent ready.

If you’ve experienced any of the issues mentioned above more then once you may need a new property manager.


Negative Online Reviews


If you have concerns about your property management company, chances are you’re not alone.

A quick check of their Google or Yelp reviews may tell the story of how existing or former clients viewed their business practices.


Related:  85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


Online reviews are very telling and powerful.  Management companies that don’t value or respond accordingly to less than stellar reviews should raise concerns.

If your existing property management company has an online rating of 4 stars or less or a rash of recent negative reviews then you may need a new property manager.


No Social Media Presence


It’s 2018 is this even possible? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

The real estate industry as a whole has come a long way when it comes to social media but unfortunately residential property managers have lagged behind.

Having just a website in today’s business environment is equivalent to having a glorified business card.

The top industry leading companies are active on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, & Youtube to mention a few.


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These companies excel with the usage of video, live video and online community engagement.  Using social media platforms to market rental properties,  secure “Qualified Tenants”, and allow behind the scenes access to office culture and business practices.



We hope you enjoyed reading the 5 Signs You Need A New Property Manager.

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Written by Salvatore Friscia, owner of San Diego Premier Property Management a full service residential property management company offering Worry Free property management to the greater San Diego area since 2004 and

This Post Has 8 Comments
  1. Thank You Salvatore for sharing this article. No doubt ! Whenever you need to buy, sell or rent a home, you have to contact the property management associates. After reading this blog I will be looking forward to the property managers having these 5 signs for sure.

  2. It makes sense that you should look for a property manager that has high reviews on Google or Yelp. That way, you will know if they are good at communicating and managing money. I wonder if every property management service is on Google or if some keep their customer reviews on their personal sites.

  3. It’s interesting to know the signs that you need to know in hiring a property manager. The noteworthy part is communication. You said that when a property manager doesn’t return calls or don’t give you updates, you know that there is something wrong already. In case, I’ll own a rental property in the future, I ‘ll make sure that everything should be regularly monitored and updated by my property managers.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, communication is vital when necessary and in many cases can be handled via email, text, and online systems that are in place to allow the property manager to still be productive while remaining informative.

  4. It sure got me when you said that nowadays, having a website is the same as having their very own business card and that it is essential for the professional to have one. If so, then I will be sure that it is the first thing that I look for when I decide that I need a property manager. It is true that it is important since I can learn a lot of things from them if they have a website. Anyway, I haven’t had the apartment building built yet, but I will consider this once I have.

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